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Christina Chitwood and Mark Hanretty

Senior Ice Dancers Representing Great Britain
Internationally ranked 2nd in Great Britain &
18th at the 2009 European Championships

"We use Silent Coach to perfect our unison in our technique and programmes. It is also especially good for increasing knee bend when we both receive the buzz from the Silent Coach at the same time and know the correction immediately. It is perfect for kinaesthetic individuals because it reminds the skater what correction to make without being told verbally. Silent Coach is a great tool for figure skaters of all ages and levels!"

Christina Chitwood






Kathleen Powers

Ice Skating Student

"WOW is right...nice job!!! When you started using this on me I was so impressed. It definately works and this is truly the perfect name! The Silent Coach reminded me to keep my head up. Also, we used it for a few other things that worked equally well, reminding me to push and keep my arms lower. The Silent Coach really helped me keep my head up."