Michelle Ford, Creator of Silent Coach

Born in Detroit, Michelle grew up in the hot climate of Scottsdale, AZ. At the age of 3, she was already on her way to becoming very successful having won the Diaper Division Arizona State Roller Skating Championship. By the time she reached 7 years of age, Michelle began ice skating. Together, with her brother, Michelle took up freestyle and pairs. Even through tragedy, including her brother's death in a car crash when she was 9, plus her suffering a spinal cord injury from a fall that left her unable to skate between the ages of 11 to 13, Michelle persevered by becoming an ice dancer.

As a teenager, Michelle began ice dancing with her partner Glenn Parriott, becoming Junior NationalChampions. Eventually they split and Michelle

Michelle Ford

started skating coincidentally with another Glenn, Glenn Patterson. With Patterson, Michelle went on to become a skating success, travelling the world and representing the United States internationally. Together in Senior Dance, she and Glenn ranked Third in the Nation for several years competing in places like Moscow, China, and England. The pair was even alternates for the 1976 Olympic Team.

During this time, Michelle and Glenn performed their star studded dance numbers and after placing Third in the 1977 Senior Dance competition in the United States, Michelle and Glenn turned professional, travelling as principle skaters in the Ice Follies for two years. The professional world was vastly different from Michelle's home in

Scottsdale; being young and inexperienced she was thrown into a world of hotels and parties. During this time, Michelle and Glenn had their own highlighted dance numbers, skating also as the "heads" of Bette Lou and Ernie from Sesame Street. They loved every minute they had skating for Sesame Street and getting to act like they were 4 years old again to the tune of "Tea for Two."

Ultimately, Michelle moved on to what she saw herself becoming as a young child, an Ice Skating Coach. Now, Michelle loves her job with her attitude truly reflecting her own ideals and how her discipline, drive and dedication in combination with her own expectations of her students continue to shape the success she has.

Michelle's love for Ice Skating has been apparent throughout her 30 years of teaching in San Diego. Still to this day she enjoys her job and now has enhanced her life more by developing the new teaching device Silent Coach. With the Silent Coach, Michelle really hopes to make a difference by helping others perform better at their own sports.

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